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facilitated dialogues on our environmental and climate crises

public - corporate - enterprise - youth

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road to the sustainable development goals and the paris agreement
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recognising the leadership gap;
coming to terms with collapse
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intergenerational empowerment; embodying the transition
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local /



our facilitated dialogues are designed to Microsolidarity principles, where we


cultivate deeper network connections and collaboration,
initiate learning, mutual aid, and a sense of community belonging,
develop a culture of caring about each other's wellbeing and growth.
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Samantha Suppiah,
Southeast Asia
Samantha is a design strategist for sustainability and regeneration, with a broad global perspective with a bold, disruptive approach to co-creative, iterative design.  One question she likes to ask budding climate leaders: "Who are YOU becoming?"
Niki is a researcher and designer for sustainability transitions, focussing on the processes and relationships needed for co-creation and regeneration. Using a deliberate and radical approach, Niki invites participation then asks, "What are you seeing or sensing now?"
Niki Wallace,
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The content of the webinar was not full of technical jargon or annoying buzzwords, but rather was centered on the need for actions, empathy and knowledge both on an individual and systemic scale. I do believe anyone from any background would be able to follow this presentation and engage in the discussions.

This is a great platform for highlighting the importance of thought and conversation on the realities of our environmental climate.

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Simarpreet Kaur Khanijou,

Environmental engineer, energy and water sectors

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The Global Room is a refreshing take on the current state we find ourselves in; it is raw, relentless, and yet gives space for emergence and deep understanding. I really appreciated the space to express frustration and grief, and even talk about anger and what to do with it - in addressing our own actions towards progressing a "better future".
It was also a chance for me to reflect on an opportunity to act as a "bridge" between Global South and Global North - finding the courage to express challenges around colonial attitudes and the blinding privilege of solution-seekers.  
I look forward to a more embodied, honest, and humble way of connecting with the global community, from all walks of life.

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Kara de los Reyes,

Philippines / UK
Regenerative design thinking & intuitive strategies, TerraLupa

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I'm glad that I joined TGR because I'm learning so much every session, it's very interesting and I am enjoying the course!

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Environmental Management student at Isamilo International School

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