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the global room



a climate disaster game set in asia pacific

it's 2030.

earth is 3°C warmer.

the United Nations has just announced the 2040 Planetary Survival Goals.

you are a Tarsier in Papua New Guinea.

now what?


be game.

join us on 20th June 2021 at

1000h  United Kingdom Time

1100h   Central European Time

1430h  Indian Time

1700h  Malaysian Time

1900h  Papua New Guinea Time / Australia Eastern Time

tickets are by donation, with 34% of all proceeds supporting papua new guinean wildlife conservation organisations.
for each ticket, we recommend a donation of AUD 35.



this summer solstice,

we're hosting a two-hour live online

futures game called

More Than Human.

work in teams to play as characters who are some of the most amazing living creatures that have ever evolved.

explore possible environmental realities and human responses as climate change accelerates.

what new perspectives might we imagine together?

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