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the global room

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3-session webinar series on the road to the sustainable development goals


and your friends

have questions about our climate emergency and how we came to develop the sustainable development goals.

this dialogic series creates space to discuss difficult and complex issues and feelings around ecoanxiety, helplessness and frustration. you are not alone in feeling this way! we're all working together to build a better future for humanity.

each session will be a small-group discussion of up to 10 people. most suitable for ages 12 and up - all are welcome!

groups of friends and family members are encouraged to join in the same sessions together.

Register Public

tickets are by donation, with 34% of all proceeds supporting southeast asian wildlife conservation organisations.

while tickets are flexibly-priced, we recommend a donation of AUD 55.

sessions are held on consecutive dates at the same time.  when booking, select the date of the first session of the series you wish to attend.


More Reviews

here's what previous participants from all over the world have to say about THE GLOBAL ROOM.

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TGR is a great space to learn about and discuss how climate change affects us and is being handled at a policy level. It's educational, and depending on the folks sharing the room with you, it can be emotional as well.
I had a really great experience; Sam is an awesome facilitator. What she shared in The Global Room was by turns informative, deeply frustrating, and cautiously hopeful. My "roommates" were insightful and sensitive, and I truly appreciate the connections I made there. It's a bit of a time commitment, but it was worth it many times over!

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Christina Maria Cecilia Mirasol Sayson, Philippines
Facilitator, coordinator, researcher, and lifelong learner working for environmental justice, equity, and pluriversal regeneration


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I was absolutely blown away by Sam’s knowledge, her ability to connect macro and micro systems with ease, and the way in which she communicated a complex story and system, with effortless accessibility for myself as a newbie in sustainability/regeneration.  What made the experience even more compelling was the facilitated group conversations. That took us into some interesting and innovative spaces.  This is truly a best-in-class webinar series that serves as an intro or recap for anyone in the field of sustainability and regeneration, to support us being able to do more effectively.

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Garry Turner,

United Kingdom

Interpersonal Catalyst, Sales Catalyst, Culture Catalyst & Podcast Host

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